Christmas Casserole

ink inside out-anna castillo-Food and Drink-Christmas Casserole-December 2013

I woke up this morning and decided to make something super easy for breakfast.  I chose to make Christmas dinner on Christmas Day this year.  Normally, I do it the night before and we have left overs the following day. … Continue reading

Christmas Blessing

ink inside out-anna castillo-motherhood-Christmas Blessing-December 2013

2013 has been a difficult year.  I worked for most of Christmas Eve but needed to make time to stop and reflect, so I went to the 4pm mass.  I showed up about an hour early and noticed a young … Continue reading

Week in Review

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-Week in Review-December 2013

This week was crazy!  Monday, I confirmed interviews for the week, did paperwork for the interviews I already completed, and took care of some other unit taskers.  Currently, I am doing leads from other units until I pack up and … Continue reading


ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-relationships-November 2013

One of the best things I have read in a long time…”Relationships are harder now because conversations became texting, arguments became phone calls, feelings became subliminal messages, sex became easy, the word “love” is used out of context, insecurities became … Continue reading

Not in My Family! Innocence Gone?

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-Not In My Family-September 2013

Believe it or not it could happen to you too! I knew this time would come sooner than later.  (deep breath)  For almost two years I have tried my best to continue life with a smile on my face…joking and … Continue reading

Cruisin’ for Mother’s Day

inkinsideout-anna castillo-motherhood-cruisin for mother's day-may-2013

What at week! Please excuse my tardy blog post! I decided Mother’s day should have lasted 4 extra days so I took some much needed time off!  My family got together to surprise my amazingly beautiful and radiant Grandmother for … Continue reading

Welcome to our Travel Section!!

inkinsideout-the ink intern-travel-welcome to our travel section-may-2013

Hi, On behalf of Anna Castillo and the INK… Cosmetics LLC team, I just want to drop a quick line to welcome you to our NEW blog!  Along with our new launch, we are also focusing on product development, … Continue reading