Fashionably Warm

So I was out and about yesterday walking the streets in the cool winter air and stumbled into Banana Republic to see what was on sale and what they were showcasing as their current trends/styles.  One thing we as men … Continue reading

Leftovers till the Zombipocalypse!

I just love Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It is a time to just let go, eat everything in sight and be plain glutenous.  My Dad takes a turkey and grills on the BBQ, ummm, AMAZING!  My Mom makes the best sweet … Continue reading

Forever Young!

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-forever young-November 2013

A lot has happened in the past few weeks.  I am awaiting yet another cancer check after a scare, which I am convinced, is work/stressed induced.  Without disclosing too much information about my work environment, I can say this… I … Continue reading

Philly Steak Pizza and Football!!

Are you ready for some football…..and a Philly Steak Pizza? Mini Me and I decided to spend some quality time together this wonderful Sunday and make a Philly Steak Pizza and our awesome Margarita Pizza to eat while we watched … Continue reading

50 Shades What?


I have to start by saying I am sorry Anna and followers.  I was to watch the Emmys and provide a tutorial on how the children were styling and profiling.  I failed, miserably!  But you know what, in this case … Continue reading

Emmy Homework?


I had a crappy week at school this past week and didn’t do as good as expected on some tests.  My plan was to get hammered and pretty much stay that way all weekend.  Until…..Anna calls me and says, “Hey … Continue reading

RG…III Strikes and You’re Out?


 I’m not a huge Washington Redskins fan but I have to wonder what all this hype is about when it comes to Robert Griffin III.  Yes, last year he looked promising, taking the Skins to near post-season hopes and dreams, … Continue reading


ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-Gone CAMPING!-September 2013

Did the word camping just come out of my mouth? Never did I think I would be telling Mini Me to pack her bag and hygiene kit to go camping!  That just happened!  I am taking Mini Me on a … Continue reading

Hammer Time!! With….Miley?


Ok, soooo; here we go again!  Round two of our twerking hot mess!  Miley Cyrus strikes again.  In today’s episode of “How the Hot Mess Turns” we have Miley’s new song and video, Wrecking Ball. Let me start up front … Continue reading


“When will Trish be around?  What exactly are you calling for?  We can’t send you a check ma’am without the information the specialist gave you.”  And on and on and on….. Mr. Speaker phone inventor…..DAMN YOU!  Inconsiderate people in Panera…..DAMN … Continue reading

Wonderful Welcome Back Weekend


So this weekend was a good one.  I got back from summer break to settle back into another daunting year of school and life as an INK… Cosmetics intern.  I have to admit, I slacked over the summer, no, I … Continue reading

2013 VMA Fashion and Performance Slam Dunk


What a night!  The VMAs, good friends, good drinks, and what a show! I recently posted about Bruno Mars and his stellar performance in his signature Fedora, still impressed, not doubting that.  But, I have to give the overall props … Continue reading

Pulling off a Fedora and a Live Performance?

Who can pull of a Fedora and a live performance in one night?  If you said or thought Bruno Mars, you got it!  You either love him or hate him, well hate is a strong word, let’s say dislike the … Continue reading

Definition of a Hot Mess

Miley Cyrus on the 2013 VMAs!  Miley……Earth to Miley!!  WTF?  To think she came from Billy Ray Cyrus who was a country singer/artist….wait, who am I kidding.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Miley was on the right … Continue reading

When is the Water Too High?


When is the Water Too High? Guys, look, we all want to be hip, in style, trend setting; but if you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself the butt of many a joke and Instagram photos tagging you as #WTF! I … Continue reading

It’s Like I Have a Cloud in my Pants!

Gentlemen, and yes…. Ladies!  I have found the most glories invention known to mankind.  Now this could get a little sensitive, “touching” on some key places that some folks don’t even like to discuss.  We will go where most have … Continue reading

What Makes the Rain so Mesmerizing?

It’s raining out now, the raindrops race down my window, the wind whisks the branches of the nearby tree back and forth. I’m sitting on my couch with a delicious tea, cuddled in my favorite lounge pants and Aaron’s T-shirt.  … Continue reading

A Key to Understanding Men?!

Sisters, I may have made a break through!  There I was hanging out with my boyfriend this weekend after a long day of working at his parent’s house doing gardening and little outdoor projects.  Aaron is so impatient and antsy, … Continue reading

Do I Need a Tetanus Shot for That?

I was hanging out at my local bar, and my favorite, and very sexy might I add, bartender Jenny asked me if I wanted to try a little something different off my usual Jack and Coke.  Being the adventurous  type, … Continue reading

What?…A Men’s Eye Cream?

O.k. guys, here it is.  Our first men’s product review!  I want to talk about Nivea’s Men’s Revitalizing Q10 Eye Gel.  Yes, a man’s eye cream, and yes, it works!  Look, I too thought, “not gonna wear make up”, but … Continue reading

Welcome to the Men’s Corner!!!

On behalf of Anna Castillo and the INK… Cosmetics LLC team, I just want to drop a quick line to welcome you to our NEW blog!  Along with our new launch, we are also focusing on product development, scheduling, … Continue reading

Welcome to our Travel Section!!

inkinsideout-the ink intern-travel-welcome to our travel section-may-2013

Hi, On behalf of Anna Castillo and the INK… Cosmetics LLC team, I just want to drop a quick line to welcome you to our NEW blog!  Along with our new launch, we are also focusing on product development, … Continue reading

What is the definition of Motherhood?

inkinsideout-anna castillo-motherhood-motherhood-may-2013

On behalf of Anna Castillo and the INK… Cosmetics LLC team, I just want to drop a quick line to welcome you to our NEW blog!  Along with our new launch, we are also focusing on product development, scheduling, … Continue reading