Moving Day

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

It has been a couple of weeks or so since the military moved my belongings to my next destination.  I felt the need to post something since the summer months are a high moving season for our troops. Moving day came … Continue reading

Weekend Autumn BBQ

ink inside out-anna castillo-Food and Drink-Weekend Autumn BBQ-September 2013

I have been assigned at my current location for well over 3.5 years and have given them my blood, sweat and tears!  Part of my new look on life was to take care of me and my beautiful Mini Me! … Continue reading

Go! Go! Stop!

ink inside out-anna castillo-beauty-go! go! stop!-June 2013

This weekend I decided to take time for me. With all the demands of my work life and business I needed a moment to reconnect!  I live on a lake now and I must say…I now realize what I have … Continue reading